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Make your next psychedelic experience transcendent.

Whether it's your first psychedelic experience or your one hundredth, coaching will help you prepare for and integrate your journey, extending the insights and awareness gained from your experience into your daily life.

Your psychedelic experience is not the journey. It is the catalyst for the journey.

Coaching can help you transform that journey.


Build a framework to fully support yourself to navigate the psychedelic experience


Design a strategy and intention focused on specific goals


Reflect on your insights then blueprint intentional actions that allow your experience to create lasting change


Explore and process challenges and insights into non-ordinary states and the potential for personal transformation that these challenges and insights offer.

Psychedelic preparation and engagement coaching focus on exploring intention along with values clarification before a psychedelic experience. True Azimuth Coaching does not offer guided psychedelic experiences. True Azimuth Coaching does not offer referrals to private providers who offer guided psychedelic experiences.  True Azimuth Coaching does not assist clients in finding or obtaining illegal substances.

Psychedelic integration coaching focuses on exploring insight and awareness after a psychedelic experience. True Azimuth Coaching adheres to a harm reduction philosophy around substance use. True Azimuth Coaching does not encourage engagement in illegal activities, including the purchase and consumption of illegal substances.

While psychedelics can help a person interested in exploring their inner world and their perceptual relationship to the outer world, psychedelics can also be a source of disorientation, delusion, confusion, and psychological destabilization for those unfit, unequipped, or unprepared for such powerful experiences.

Psychedelic substances can cause long-lasting changes to personality and cognition. Individuals can also have undiagnosed genetic, developmental, neurological, endocrinological, or traumatic conditions that negatively interact with the psychedelic chemical and experience.

Due to the nature of the psychedelic experience, some individuals must not use psychedelics.


What Psychedlic Support Coaching Features

Explore your experience in a safe, confidential environment


🔹Gain a clear understanding of how your experience might evoke a range of intense emotions for yourself, based on your mental, spiritual, and emotional life
🔹Set a clear intention for the psychedelic experience
🔹Identify your reasons for taking a psychedelic substance
🔹Have a clear understanding of events from your past that could surface in the experience
🔹Have an appreciation that your experience will be somewhat unpredictable
🔹Prepare to experience whatever ‘comes up” during the psychedelic experience
🔹Prepare to deal with uncomfortable and challenging aspects of the experience
🔹Become ready to surrender to whatever the experience will be
🔹Prepare for the physical effects of the psychedelic
🔹Evaluate the people who are going to be around you during the experience so that you are surrounded by trusting, positive connections
🔹Gain an awareness of ways that your psychedelic experience might change you
🔹Communicate to key family and friends so they are prepared and well-informed about the changes that could occur from your psychedelic experience
🔹Self-identify and then engage in specific preparation practices (e.g., meditation, yoga, tai chi, breathwork, journaling, diet, exercise, etc.)
🔹Create a plan for what you will do in the hours and days after your experience
🔹Prepare strategies in case things start to get difficult 


🔹Give yourself mental space to reconnect to the experience
🔹Review informative content relevant to your experience
🔹Gain insight on you experience through talking with supportive people
🔹Create space for silent contemplation of your experience
🔹Create space for time in nature to nurture your experience
🔹Create a plan to follow up on your experience with focused attention practice
(meditation, mindfulness, mantra, journaling, visualization, etc)
🔹Apply learnings from your experience to your life
🔹Find ways to carry the intentions you had for your experience into your daily life.
🔹Prioritize your overall wellness.
🔹Identify environments to spend time in that help you stay attuned to the lessons following from your experience
🔹Find was to be supportive of others as a result of my experience
🔹Make healthy life choices for yourself


🔹Debrief your experience so that you feel at peace with it
🔹Identify and engage in processes to help create balance
🔹Nurture a continued sense of open-minded curiosity about your experience
🔹Synchronize the feeling of harmony between your experience and your inner being
🔹Synchronize the feeling of harmony between your daily life and your experience
🔹Sustain a connection to your experience
🔹Facillitate a deeper connection in your life 
🔹Deepen a feeling of connection between nature and your experience
🔹Grow your self-awareness
🔹Identify any ongoing benefit from your experience expressed in your  life
🔹Interpret your experience in a way that creates positive ripples in your life
🔹Explore the impact of your experience extending past yourself into your community


Take a Test Drive™

A Test Drive is a real-deal coaching session on anything going on in your life other than psychedelics. It looks just like one of the coaching sessions you will get for psychedlic support.


 A “test drive” is not a consult, or get-to-know-you-session. It’s not a sales pitch loaded with leading closed-closed ended questions designed to convince you to hire the coach you are talking to.


You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, would you?
Of course not!

Don’t do that with a coach either!


Beware of this wolf in sheeps clothing.  A “Discovery Call” is not a Test Drive.

Some coaches receive specific training on how to conduct these Discovery Calls.  They are a specific SALES TECHNIQUE designed not to hep you but to close a sale!


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