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Psychedelic Preparedness Scale (PPS)

Transcend Your Experience, Transform Your Life

Psychedelic Preparedness’ refers to a state of readiness before a psychedelic session to ensure a safe and meaningful experience.

“From the perspective of harm reduction, anything we can do before going in to increase the likelihood of having a safe, meaningful and potentially transformative experience, reducing the risks involved and potentiating challenging experiences as growth opportunities rather than traumatic events … should be exposed.”

Rosalind McAlpine
Developer of the PPS

Preparedness assessed by this tool falls into four areas:

  • Knowledge-Expectations
  • Psychophysical-Readiness
  • Intention-Preparation
  • Support-Planning

Knowing your score can help you decide on actions to maximize your psychedelic experience from a harm-reduction perspective.

Note: Complete the PPS Assessment BEFORE your psychedelic experience.