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Mystical Experience Questionnaire (MEQ-30)

Transcend Your Experience, Transform Your Life

The Mystical Experience Questionnaire is a validated, reliable tool to assess your engagement in a psychedelic experience..

“Divinity lies all around us, but society remains too hidebound to accept that fact…The mother sea and the fountain-head of all religions lies in the mystical experiences of the individual.”

William James

Areas assessed by this tool falls into four areas:

  • Mystical
  • Positive Mood
  • Transcendence of Time and Space
  • Ineffability

Scores on the MEQ-30 during a psychedelic experience are important because a series of studies have shown that higher scores on the MEQ=30 during the ‘trip’ are one of the strongest predictors of beneficial outcomes weeks and months later for both distressed & healthy participants. Typically, a ‘complete mystical experience’ is defined as scoring 60% or more on all four MEQ30 subscales (Barrett et al, 2015), although some subsequent research has suggested that simply assessing the total MEQ30 score may well be just as good (Bouso et al, 2016).

Note: Complete the MEQ-30 IMMEDIATELY AFTER your psychedelic experience.